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Many people take their feet for granted, with the majority of us not paying them any attention until we begin to encounter foot problems. Even then, we delay seeking help from podiatrists.

Healthy feet usually have 26 bones; during childhood, all of these bones start to harden. Therefore, it’s vital that your child’s developing feet are well taken care of. Here at Sunshine Coast Orthotics & Podiatry, our podiatrists can help ensure your child’s feet remain in optimal health and condition.

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Benefits Of Seeing A Children’s Podiatrist

  • Expert podiatrists can help prevent foot problems in the future.
  • Specialist diagnoses and tailored treatment and rehabilitation plans.
  • You won’t need to go through referrals.
  • Podiatrists have intensive knowledge regarding the external and internal make-up of all lower limbs.
  • Catered advice for your child’s long-term foot health.
  • Help with healing foot injuries, leg pain, bone fractures, blisters, athlete’s foot, bunions, and more.

Common Foot Issues In Children

Feet Of A Little Boy at podiatrist

Tip Toe Walking

  • If your child is toe walking, at Sunshine Coast Orthotics & Podiatry we’ll ask you about their full medical history during your appointment.
  • We’ll then take a look at your child whilst they walk to see their gait, their range of motion, and their lower limb muscle and joint quality.
  • This assessment is painless and is made to be very comfortable for your child.
close up childs foot with marker faces drawn on

Foot Pain

  • If your child is experiencing any discomfort in their foot or the surrounding area, they should visit us at Sunshine Coast Orthotics & Podiatry.
  • In children, foot pain has numerous causes such as Severs Disease, Achilles Tendonitis, or heel pain.
  • Once we’ve established the cause, we’ll work on an effective treatment plan.
Childrens shoes with custom orthotics

Fallen Arches

  • Fallen arches are when the inside arch of your child’s foot is flat.
  • While this is normal in babies and toddlers, the arch should develop from ages five to six. If this does not begin to happen, bring your child to SCOAP.
  • Fallen arches can cause your child pain or impact the way they walk. So, it’s very important that a thorough examination is carried out as soon as possible.

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