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A biomechanical sports assessment is an effective way to assess and examine the health of your feet and legs. This advanced form of assessment is a useful method for diagnosing the root cause of pain in these parts of the body. Undergoing a biomechanical assessment paves the way for a treatment plan to be developed that focuses on your specific needs.

At Sunshine Coast Orthotics and Podiatry, we carry out reliable biomechanical assessments at our clinic. This method allows us to gain a highly detailed understanding and analysis of your feet. It’s a useful and accurate approach to detecting abnormalities in your feet or legs, as well as pinpointing the cause of pain.

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Biomechanical assessments begin with taking a thorough history of your symptoms and pain. This gives us the best possible understanding of what’s going on and means we can take account of any problems you’ve experienced previously.

Depending on what further information is required, you’ll be referred for scans such as x-rays, MRI scans, or ultrasound scans to really give clarity about the health of your feet. Please visit our podiatry clinic on the Sunshine Coast to know get biomechanical & sports assessment today.

3D laser foot scanner


Every assessment also includes a 3D laser scan of the feet. This provides a detailed analysis of your foot’s structure and can form the basis of custom orthotics if you need them. The 3D scan can also help to give indications about the best type of footwear to improve your symptoms.


In addition to image-based assessments, we also analyse and test a number of areas of your gait and mobility. These include your foot posture, pressure, strength, and coordination, the range of movement you have available, and your gait whilst you are walking and running. Combined with image-based assessments, these detailed analyses give us a highly accurate and in-depth view of the health of your foot.

Based on this, we’re able to recommend the most appropriate treatments for your individual circumstances.


The recommendations we make for your treatment will be based on the outcomes of the biomechanical / sports assessment. Depending on the results, there are a variety of different options that might be recommended for you. These include orthotics, inserts for your shoes, or a referral to a specialist footwear service.

Other treatments we might suggest for you include massage and acupuncture aimed at improving flexibility and pain-related symptoms, or referrals to other healthcare professionals for additional treatments or further assessment. We know that every patient is different, and our podiatrist only recommend treatments that are appropriate to your specific requirements.

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If you have concerns about pain or other symptoms in your feet or legs, don’t delay seeking professional advice. Based in Kuluin and Sunshine Coast’s leading Podiatrist, Dean is committed to providing our community with high-quality podiatry services. Our assessments rapidly uncover the cause of podiatric problems, so you can begin treatment promptly.

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