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At Sunshine Coast Orthotics and Podiatry, we offer services aimed at identifying and treating your podiatric needs. Our clinic is located on Heidi Street, Kuluin and is headed by Dean Taylor. Dean qualified as a podiatrist after completing post-graduate studies in 2011 and has been working as a practising podiatrist since 2012.

We offer both general evaluation and biomedical assessments for podiatry concerns in addition to stocking an extensive range of comfort footwear suitable for our clients and their children podiatry concerns.

For further information on our services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on (07) 5456 2562


General podiatry assessments are suitable for those patients whose foot problems are mostly skin or nail related. A general assessment will identify the potential causes of these concerns which will improve the long-term outcome for our patients.

We also offer treatment plans and options as well as advice on footwear to alleviate your problems.

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A general podiatry assessment includes:

  • Diabetic Screening,  Neurovascular Examination & Doppler Ultrasound/ABI;
    • These tests are aimed at identifying issues with circulation and sensation to your feet.
    • Diabetes is a known cause of poor peripheral circulation and can result in loss of feeling to extremities. It is vital to either rule out diabetes as a cause of foot problems, or to ensure adequate management of the condition.
  • Balance/Stance Testing & Foot ROM/Muscle Testing;
    • The intention of these tests is to identify any weaknesses or imbalances in your musculoskeletal system which could be contributing to your problems.
  • Finally, we carry out a footwear appraisal to determine whether your current footwear could be contributing to, or exacerbating, your discomfort.


Treatment options following a general assessment include:

  • General skin and nail care, including moisturising treatments and paraffin wax foot baths to add moisture, open pores and help remove dead skin cells.
  • We can also remove corns and callouses using specialised podiatric equipment, reducing the pressure and pain associated with these conditions.
  • We will also advise you regarding the most suitable footwear to ensure improved comfort and a reduction in your foot problems.
  • When appropriate we will provide you with a footwear prescription.


A biomechanical assessment is conducted to diagnose pain in lower limbs and feet and forms the basis for a treatment plan. This is a thorough process starting with the patient’s history of pain and symptoms.

Referrals for X-Rays, Ultrasound or MRI are required, with follow up interpretation of diagnostic images.

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  • Generally, biomechanical assessments involve analysis and testing of foot posture, lower limb strength and coordination, range of movement, foot pressure analysis and gait analysis during both walking and running.
  • We also conduct a 3D laser foot scan which gives a full analysis of your feet and can be used to design orthotics to correct irregularities which are causing dysfunction and pain. This assessment also includes a discussion of the most appropriate footwear to assist with your condition.


Treatment following a biomechanical assessment will be based on the findings of the assessment and identification of issues with your feet, lower limbs and gait.

  • Options may include shoe inserts, taping or FS-6 compression.
  • You may also be given a footwear referral or prescribed orthotics.
  • Other treatments work on improving your gait, flexibility and strength, and include massage to loosen muscles and acupuncture to reduce pain.
  • Referrals to other health professionals will be provided if you require further assessment or treatment.


We stock an extensive range of comfort footwear which includes thongs, sandals, wedges, ballet flats, loafers and lace-ups.

  • Our brands include Scholl Orthaheel, Vionic, Revere, Anodyne.
  • We also carry Orthosleeve FS-6 compression and Callusan foot hydration foams.
  • Not to mention, we have a strong affiliation with Rebel Sport Maroochydore for your sporting footwear needs.

Call Sunshine Coast Orthotics and Podiatry on (07) 5456 2562 to book an appointment or enquire about our services.

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What does a podiatrist treat?

  • Podiatrists treat a wide range of foot problems pertaining to foot hygiene and care. Podiatrists can treat heel pain, bunions, ingrown toenails, foot fractures, sprains, and verrucae. The nature of your foot problem will be assessed at your first appointment before a specific cause of treatment can be advised.
  • Book your first appointment with Sunshine Coast Orthotics and Podiatry today on (07) 5456 2562 to find a solution to your foot issues.

What does a podiatrist do at your first appointment?

  • At your first appointment, a podiatrist will listen to your specific foot worries and concerns as well as any noteworthy medical history. This will then allow them to perform a range of different examinations to source the problem of your foot pain or issue.
  • Some of our examination measures at Sunshine Coast Orthotics and Podiatry include diabetic screening, examinations, and ultrasounds, and balance and muscle testing.
  • After your first appointment, we can then advise you on correct footwear, further treatment or prescription help.

When should I see a podiatrist?

  • You should seek help from a podiatrist when you have localised pain in your foot or specific foot problems. Whether your foot pain is chronic or a sudden occurrence, a podiatrist can help professionally identify the problem in any instance and therefore prevent further damage or infection.
  • If you have developed a sudden pain during exercise, or have specific foot concerns such as discolouration or scaling, a podiatrist should definitely be consulted.

Does a podiatrist massage feet?

  • A podiatrist will only employ massage techniques in their treatment programme where it is deemed beneficial to alleviating specific foot pain. Manual therapy, such as massage manipulation, is used in some instances to mobilise the joints of your foot and target tissue pain.
  • However, a podiatrist does not massage feet as a general service and a pedicurist should be sought after if this is what you are searching for. If you have foot pain, do not seek a pedicurist as this could worsen your pain. A podiatrist should be consulted to locate the issue.

Should I see a podiatrist for heel pain?

  • Heel pain is a common foot issue experienced by many.
  • You should contact a podiatrist where heel pain persists for longer than 2-3 days or continues through the evening when you are resting your feet or are inactive.
  • Other signs that you should see a podiatrist for heel pain include accompanied foot discolouration, inability to work properly, or pins and needles sensation in the foot.
  • If you are at all concerned, we welcome you to our clinic.

How can I strengthen my ankles & feet?

  • Some specific foot and ankle exercises include foot rolling, ankle pump up and downs, towel tugs, and bent-knee wall stretches. These exercises will help strengthen your foot muscles gently and pain-free.
  • However, you should only seek to strengthen your feet and ankles as an attempt to alleviate pain, as exercising your foot joints could worsen the cause of your foot or ankle. Please seek medical advice prior to any exercises.

How much does a podiatrist charge?