Paromed Laser Foot Scanner

What is a Paromed Laser Foot Scanner?

Here at Sunshine Coast Orthotics & Podiatry, it’s important that we know our way around your foot. Having a heavily experienced and trained team means we are able to provide you with the best care possible.

By using the best technology available to us, we can use the precision and accuracy of a laser scanner to work out the shape and structure of your foot to the nearest millimetre, freeing you from any uncertainty around your feet.

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Experienced Podiatrists

Using a laser scanner can introduce a new level of consistency and reliability into the process of orthotic modelling. By scanning your foot in three different scenarios, from when your foot is under no load to when it’s bearing your full weight, we can best capture the way that your foot functions when you walk, stand and run around on a day to day basis.

This holistic view of the way your foot works means that we can better establish solutions to make your foot work better for you. A laser foot scanner doesn’t just help to see what your foot looks like, but can clear a path to a better solution for your foot in the long run.

Podiatric Laser Scanning

One of the worst things about orthotics used to be the reliance on plaster casts to accurately establish the shape and structure of your feet. Whilst plaster casts could be incredibly accurate, there is always a risk that an air pocket can mislead a technician around the shape of a foot, or your foot may be under pressure in one area which makes the expected shape inaccurate.

By using the best scanning systems available, and feeding the data into a modelling programme that can then build up a perfectly accurate view of your foot. Don’t mess around for hours with plaster, get it right the first time with laser scanning.

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We’ve always said that “We fix feet”, and it’s something that we continue to stand by even now!

By putting customers first, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best service possible from our team. If you’re not totally satisfied with our work, we can offer to continue to see you free of charge until your problem is solved, or we can also refund your money.

However, we are certain that with our expertise and the top of the line technology available to our team, you’ll see the results in your feet that you’ve been looking for.

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