General Podiatric Assessment Sunshine Coast

If you have a problem with your foot or both feet that you feel isn’t urgent, making an appointment for a general assessment may be the right choice for you.

Designed to cover a wide array of different issues relating to the skin and nails, as well as other foot-related concerns, our expert team is well-equipped to handle all general assessments in podiatry in Sunshine Coast.

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What Is Included In A General Podiatric Assessment?

Our general assessments for your feet can include a range of different specific processes and examinations, each of which will depend upon your health and your specific complaint. In most cases, our general podiatric assessment will include the following:


Many problems with the feet stem from poor health, particularly in serious health conditions like diabetes. These tests and examinations are designed to look specifically at circulation in the feet and check for any loss of feeling.

Diabetes is always important to screen for when it comes to foot issues, allowing for quick and effective care with the highest degree of accuracy.

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In addition to screening, we will also perform several tests to check on weaknesses in balance or muscles. Often, foot issues are caused by problems or imbalances within the muscles or skeleton that can be resolved with proper care and attention.

We then round out your assessment by checking your current footwear and seeing if your choice of shoes could contribute to pain or discomfort. If you need additional evaluation like sports & biomechanical assessment or 3D laser foot scanning for your custom orthotics, you may call us to setup an appointment to our Sunshine Coast podiatry clinic.



Following your general podiatric assessment, our friendly and specialist team will be able to advise on the best treatment for the health of your foot or feet. The wide range of treatment options may include:

  • Nail and skincare, including treatments to moisturise, open pores and remove dead skin cells
  • Corn and callous removals
  • Footwear advice and guidance
  • Prescriptions for specific footwear to help your foot condition

The first step to receiving treatment for your foot issues is to undergo our general assessment. From there, we will offer expert advice to help reduce your pain, improve your movement and get rid of any discomfort.

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Our friendly, expert podiatry team is the ideal choice for podiatry in Kuluin and the surrounding Sunshine Coast.

With over 9 years of experience in providing expert podiatry services, we’re able to provide high-quality treatment and assess a range of foot-related issues. If you have problems with your feet, our local service will put you first and ensure you’re pain-free and discomfort-free as quickly as possible.


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