At Sunshine Coast Orthotics, we have specialist knowledge and experience in working with children who need orthotic intervention. We understand that as well as different physical needs, children may experience a range of emotions about their impending treatment. We will be with you and your child at every point in their orthotics journey.

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A Kids Orthopedic Insoles


A child’s foot develops an arch at around three years old. It’s a natural response to the increase in body weight, and the body’s way of creating a shock absorber against all those determined toddler steps. If your family has a history of foot or ankle problems, or there is a possibility of muscle or bone weakness because of illness, then this is the time to keep an eye on your child to spot any problems as early as possible.

If your child is complaining of discomfort or pain when they jump or run, or do other lively activities, then it could be time to book an assessment.


Foot problems are treated by creating a bespoke orthotic device that is monitored and adjusted on an ongoing basis. Each precision adjustment helps to correct the problem, and we are thrilled that the majority of cases have excellent results. We offer treatment for a range of issues, including:

A Custom Kids Orthotics

Over pronation/supination

This type of condition is often inherited. It’s important that it’s treated quickly to avoid permanent disruption to body alignment. Left unaddressed, over-pronation or supination can have an ongoing impact on the knees, hips, neck and shoulders. Choosing a customised orthotic means the foot and ankle are realigned, and bones and muscles form a strong and healthy scaffold for the body.

Flat feet

If the arch doesn’t form properly, the child’s bones are left vulnerable to increased pressure from day-to-day activities. This pressure can cause strains and pain, and even permanent damage.

Flat-footedness can be a result of over-pronation or can be hereditary. It can also be the result of the over-straining of developing muscles. Some children will grow out of the condition as their body develops, while for others, leaving the condition untreated will cause ongoing problems, sometimes throughout adulthood. Simple interventions such as custom arch support offer pain-free treatment and the security of knowing any potential problems are minimised.

Leg Length Discrepancy (LLD)

Leg length discrepancy can cause a level of emotional distress as well as physical discomfort. Shortened muscles in the lower leg can cause a misalignment of bones which will impact any activity from running around at playtime to more formal sporting endeavours. LLD can also cause pain in the lower part of the body, including the hips and back, as well as the shoulders and neck.

LLD can be treated with a discreet in-shoe orthotic which is less intrusive than an external build-up, and also more cost-effective.

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