Sunshine Coast Orthotics & Podiatry use the latest orthotic technology to provide the best podiatric treatment for every one of our patients.

Our Principal Director, Dean Taylor attends many State and National conferences and is very interested in the newest podiatry and orthotic technologies and treatments.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic foot pain, recovering from an foot injury or are in need of extra support to help you carry out everyday activities, Dean has you covered. Using state-of-the-art treatments to accommodate patients’ unique needs, you can rest assured that you’re in expert hands.

For a general assessment or biomechanical & sports assessment, please schedule a visit to our podiatry clinic on the Sunshine Coast. Get further information on our orthotics and treatments, by reaching to us today!


The feet are among the most complex parts of the human body, so when it comes to moulding orthotics, it’s essential to make sure they fit the mould of the foot perfectly.

At Sunshine Coast Orthotics & Podiatry, we use a highly accurate and efficient Paromed 3D laser foot scanner for plantar foot scanning…no more wasted time or mess from a plaster cast impression of the foot. Every contour of your foot will be captured as laser scanning is far more accurate.

We can scan your foot under no load, partial load or full weight-bearing load to best capture the function of your foot to ensure the best outcomes with your orthotics. By using the Paromed Laser Foot Scanner, the latest in orthotics technology, we can take extraordinarily accurate measurements of every inch of your feet, including the heel, instep, mid-instep and the ball of the foot.

Before creating your orthotics, we’ll carry out a comprehensive assessment, taking your lifestyle factors, occupation, footwear and biomechanics into account to ensure that your orthotic is the perfect fit. possible.

Paromed Laser Foot Scanning in progress - Orthotics Sunshine Coast


The next step of creating your custom orthotics is analysis and design of your custom orthotics. With our Paromed Full Length Custom Orthotics system, we can take your measurements and turn them into bespoke orthotics that will help your feet function properly and prevent injury.

The Podiatrist who performs your treatment and diagnosis is the same person to design your custom full-length EVA orthotics so there is no worry of miscommunication.

Sunshine Coast Orthotics & Podiatry do not send your orthotics to be modelled and made by a third party.

By using one of the best scanning, modelling and milling CADCAM orthotic systems in the world, we are able to create some of the best foot orthotics in the world. We back every foot orthotic with an unconditional guarantee…we stand behind our clinical skills and will continue to work with you if you have any concerns at all regarding your orthotics. We also offer custom fit and comfortable orthotics for children with foot problems.

If you are experiencing lower back, foot, ankle, leg, knee or hip pain, our prescribed orthotics can help relieve some of the pressure so that you can live comfortably again without being held back by your foot condition.

Orthotic design & creation in progress - Orthotics Sunshine Coast

If you are not completely satisfied, we will either continue to see you free of charge or refund your money.

We genuinely stand behind our claim that “we fix feet”.


Our in house design and manufacture of your orthotics allows us to fit nearly all footwear with a device. We are also able to manufacture your orthotics into Thongs, as Queenslanders this is essential!! With a pair of our custom-made orthotic thongs, you can minimize and prevent any discomfort caused by painful foot conditions, so you can go about your day feeling comfortable and confident.

Our convenient orthotic thongs can be slipped on and off with ease and can distribute your body weight more evenly to align your body properly. If you’re looking to improve your posture and relieve your back and hip pain, our experts are here to create a footwear solution that suits your needs.

Orthotic thongs can also provide greater balance and stability to make standing and walking more comfortable for those with complex foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis.

Gallery of Orthotic thongs | Orthotic Thongs Sunshine Coast


We utilise several different pressure measurement diagnostic tools depending on your condition. These include a Parograph pressure measurement plate and a Parotec Dynamic In-Shoe Pressure Measurement System.

Foot pressure measurement (plantar foot pressures) is the gold standard for changing foot function. Deflecting forces from painful bunions or Heels to protecting an ulcerated wound, we are able to diagnose, measure and get the best result.

Many conditions causing lower limb and lower back pains arise due to the uneven distribution of pressure on the feet. Foot pressure has a direct impact on the position you assume when running, walking or standing, as well as your gait.

With our accurate foot pressure measurement system, we can perform a detailed analysis to form a diagnosis and effective treatment plan to treat various conditions related to this pressure imbalance.

Runner training with coach | Custom Orthotics Sunshine Coast


Do I need a doctor’s recommendation to see a podiatrist?

Do I need to wear anything specific for my orthotics appointments?

  • As with any appointment you make for your health, we’d always recommend you wear something comfortable and breathable for your appointment with us.
  • Our Paromed 3D laser foot scanner will require you to remove your socks for your scan, so this is something worth considering when you choose the outfit you’re going to wear.

Do I need the newest technologies for my feet?

  • Being at the forefront of Podiatry and Orthotics, we think it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new technologies and treatments
  • That’s why we use the best and latest technology for everyone that comes to us, allowing us to ensure an excellent quality of treatment and consistent results that speak for themselves. Using the best technology on offer helps us to achieve that.

Does Paromed 3D laser foot scanner hurt?

  • Our 3D laser foot scanner does not hurt at all and can quickly and precisely measure every contour of each foot with exceptional accuracy in a very short amount of time. We will scan your foot in a range of different functions to get the most clarity when it comes to your results and when it comes to the suggested orthotics treatment for your feet.

Are your treatments outsourced?

  • We don’t outsource any of our care and treatment plans unless there’s a need for you to see a different doctor following our diagnosis or analysis of your feet. In most cases, all of your treatments will be carried out by our friendly team, including orthotics creation, foot pressure treatments and more.

Can you design custom orthotics for me?

  • Once you’ve had an appointment with our expert specialists, we can then go through designing and creating custom orthotics in-house for you. Our expert team does all the work to ensure the highest possible standard results for a tailored fit and ultimate comfort for as long as they are needed.

What if my orthotics don’t fit right?

  • If you’re not happy with your orthotics’ fit, our team is always happy to help you and work with you to create something comfortable and practical.
  • In some cases, there can be an adjustment period where your orthotics don’t feel right. But we do encourage you to make an appointment, and we’d be happy to talk it through with you in person.