Professional Fees

Health Fund Rebates

Podiatry services are eligible for rebates from all major private health funds under the “extras” cover.

The rebate amounts are determined solely by the health fund and not your podiatrist. Quotes and item codes for specific services, including foot orthoses, are available from our Podiatrists at the initial consultation.

This allows you to check the amount you will be able to claim from your health fund for a particular item.

Please contact your health fund to discuss how you may be covered.

Professional Fees

As a general rule, we aim to offer the best podiatric care, with passionate and engaged staff, and using the latest technology and equipment; with a broad target of maintaining professional fees at or below the Brisbane average.

Currently, Sunshine Coast Orthotics and Podiatry professional fees are 5% to 10% below the Brisbane average (source: Australian Podiatry Council Fee Survey 2014).

People who hold a Department of Veterans’ Affairs gold card or podiatry related white card are fully covered.